SIGMA provides an all-in one people counting solution classifying adults and children in both directions. It is made up of a laser based sensor, a device management platform and a mobile app to create peace of mind.

Manage your device

Sensorio is an online management tool that allows you to activate, set up and update your devices. Your data flow can be integrated to your own analytics tool. Flexible user’s permissions allow the asset manager to define a tailor-made access rights for installer and data integrator.

DEVICE MANAGER allows you to remotely setup, manage and update your fleet of devices. Use our secure push agent (HTTPS, SFTP) or API to pull information straight to your analytical platform.


SIGMA can use cellular network to send its counting report (JSON/CSV) and counting proof video to your server. It is completely independent of local networks and system constraints.


Open the box, plug the sensor (through standard power supply or PoE), scan the QR Code using the BEA mobile app and let it guide you through a short setup procedure.

Intuitive and fast installation

The application is a step-by step wizard that guides you through the installation process. You can precisely define the counting field and associate devices to cover large area at once.

Accurate technology

Independent of light variations and weather conditions, the laser time-of-light technology guarantees an accurate counting system, whatever the environment.

Thanks to its high resolution detection field (11250 laser dots per second), the people counter offers a reliable counting solution that accurately identifies adults, children and groups of people.

Mounting Accessories

Our solution fits into any building environment. Thanks to its 3 different mounting accessories, you can easily place SIGMA inside or outside, near a door or in a ceiling.people.


SIGMA anounymously classifies adults and children in both directions ( IN & OUT ). Objects such as shopping carts, strollers or doors are reliably filtered.


Our laser technology is totally independent of light conditions. You can now also count with high accuracy in dark or bright places.


Even in extreme weather (rain,fog,snow), the laser technology performance remains completely stable. SIGMA is also IP53, meaning you can install it inside or outside.

Technical Specifications

LASER scanner, time-of-flight measurement
Emission characteristics
Wavelenght 905 n; max output pulse power 0. 05 mW; Class 1 (EN 60825 )
Device Dimensions
200 mm [L] x 142 mm [W] x 61 [mm] (eliptical)
(If mounted with ceiling accessory : visible height 37 mm, invisible height 65 mm)
Temperature range
-25 °C to 55 °C if powered (storage temperature -35 °C to 70 °C)
0-95% non-condensing
24 VDC ± 10 % External DC power or PoE (IEEE802.3af)
Power consumption Max. 12W/Peak – Average 6 W
Data Transfer
3G/2G cellular, Ethernet (cable cat. 5/6)
Installation Height2 m to 5.5 m
Counting width coverage
ratio [0.8 – 1.35] depending on mounting height (cf.sizer tool :
MQTTS 8883 / HTTPS 443 / SFTP 22
Video Validation
Resolution 160px x 120px, frame rate15 fps (for counting proof purpose only)
Counting data refresh rate1 min. to 24 h